For our concert at Brotfabrik on Jan2020.

We decided to hold our first solo concert in Frankfurt am Main on 25 JAN 2020 at the venue"Brotfabrik". The concert tickets are now available on the website of Brotfabrik.  We will show you KAO=S’s original view of the world, together with two support musicians. (Shamisen player ”Shamirock Kamii” and Percussionist "Sammy".)

However, our big problem is, we have to pay for the flight and hotel costs by ourselves, because it's our first solo concert in Germany. We need to raise enough money for at least 4 members, for their round trip flight tickets, including the hotel costs.


To solve this problem, we will start crowdfunding  project in a few days.

The goal of this crowdfunding project is to collect funds for our travel expenses, so that we can focus on our concert and performance.

We will let you know the details on this page in a few days.

Please check an information. Thank you.

​                                                                               4 Nov 2019        KAO=S