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​Kaori Kawabuchi

シンガー・剣舞師・殺陣師・モーションアクター・女優・声優・ナレーター・モデル・作詞家・演出家・アクション指導家など多彩なキャリアで世界各地で活躍している。英語・フランス語を習得。刀による自己表現方法を志す。その美しく激しい日本刀剣舞は世界中で評価が高く「LADY SAMURAI」の異名を持つ。




アーティストのMUSIC VIDEOや映画撮影現場等でのアクション指導や演出も数多く行い、出演もしている。​


2019年以降は、国内のドキュメンタリー番組出演の他、自身の生き様を切り取った主演短編映画「LADY SAMURAI」が各国の映画祭で上映され、海外の映画・CM・WEBムービー出演が続いており、より活躍の舞台を拡げている。

Singer / Sword Performance Artist & Instructor / Motion Capture Actor / Actress / Voice Actor /Model /Stage Director /Action Instructor


Because of her worldwide reputation for Japanese sword performances, Kaori is also known as LADY SAMURAI. 

Her instruction at action scenes and sword fight scenes also has high reputation, which includes in music videos, film shootings and the workshops in many countries.


Being an actress with superb sword performance skills, her career includes appearances in many theatrical plays and movies, TV commercial. As a pioneer and leading expert in motion capture acting, which the moves of video game and CG film characters rely on, she has played a large role in the Final Fantasy series and a number of other well-known works. 

(Ex NieR:Automata :as 2B / Ghost In the Shell SAC_2045 : as Motoko Kusanagi etc)


Kaori is also the lead vocalist of Japanese rock duo KAO=S, and mostly writes lyrics of many songs. Her beautiful voice and lithe, yet intense performances capture the minds of audiences all over the world.

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