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INDIE GO GO 【KAO=S Master Project】thanks credit

Thanks to you, We have finishedIndie go-go crowdfunding  KAO-S Master Project!​ 

We note our supporter's name here. (person who wants to be credited ).

​Thank you so much!

・Gz Lee

・Nachi Das



・John Hall



・Roberto Villegas






・Shinichi Yasugi

・ Arturo Monlui



・Andy Masuo

・I M

・Gudrun Langer

・takao nakagawa

・Charles Wong

Thank you for your unwavering support of KAO=S. There is an important announcement we want to share with you.

KAO=S's shamisen player Jack will leave the band in January. His last performance with KAO=S will be on January 19th, 2018 in Tokyo. Jack has a new vision for his music career. The band has been discussing it since August, but Jack has decided to move on as he has his own vision for his music. Shuji and Kaori are very sad to see Jack go, and they wish Jack all the best in his new endeavor. Jack will always be grateful for your support during his time with KAO=S.

KAO=S will continue on with Shuji and Kaori. The band is still making their new album. Shuji and Kaori have created new songs and recorded them for their new album. Shuji and Kaori’s sound have created a new unique KAO=S. The music videos and cover photos for the new album represent the new KAO=S. The new album and music videos will be released in March.

KAO=S's new album is able to be made thanks to the crowd funding efforts of our generous backers on Indiegogo in July. We will send out the promised rewards, including the new album, next March. We will also send Jack's bonus tracks, too. We hope you will continue to enjoy Shuji and Kaori's new KAO=S and will support Jack in his new endeavors.

KAO=S December 16th 2017

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